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Course Code Course Title Days
General / Introduction Courses
A-010 Introduction to Application Programming (z/OS) 2
A-500 Introduction to z/OS 1
TSO, CLIST, REXX, ISPF/Dialog Manager
A-633 TSO/ISPF in z/OS 3
A-634 ISPF Update 2
A-635 Advanced ISPF in z/OS   1
A-650 TSO CLIST Programming in z/OS 3
A-710 ISPF and JCL on z/OS 5
A-750 TSO REXX Programming in z/OS 5
A-780 Introduction to TSO and REXX APIs 2
A-810 Developing Dialog Manager Applications in z/OS 5
JCL and Utilities
B-610 z/OS JCL & Utilities 3
B-620 Advanced Topics in z/OS JCL 3
A-700 ISPF and JCL on z/OS 5
B-625 Using DFSORT and ICETOOL 4
Assembler Language
C-410 z/OS Assembler Programming Part 1: Beginnings 5
C-414 z/OS Assembler Programming Part 2: Interfaces 3
C-416 z/OS Assembler Programming Part 3: Update 1
C-500 z/OS Assembler Programming Part 4: z/Architecture and z/OS 4
UC06 Writing z/OS CGIs in Assembler 2
D-540 VSAM For COBOL Programmers 2
D-704 Enterprise COBOL Update 2
D-705 Enterprise COBOL Unicode and XML Support 2
D-715 Structured COBOL Workshop for Enterprise COBOL 5
D-725 Advanced Topics in COBOL (Enterprise, z/OS) 3
D-732 Enterprise COBOL Debugging and Maintenance 2
D-735 z/OS Debug Tool for Enterprise COBOL 2
UC04 Writing z/OS CGIs in COBOL 2
E-710 Structured PL/I Coding Workshop 5
E-720 Advanced Topics in PL/I 5
E-540 VSAM for PL/I Programmers 2
E-732 Enterprise PL/I Debugging and Maintenance 2
E-735 z/OS Debug Tool for Enterprise PL/I 2
G-510 VSAM With Access Method Services 2
D-540 VSAM For COBOL Programmers 2
E-540 VSAM for PL/I Programmers 2
G-502 DB2 Concepts and Facilities 2
G-524 DB2 Version 8 Differences 3
G-531 DB2 Native SQL Stored Procedures 1
G-532 DB2 and XML 3
G-526 DB2 Version 9 Differences 3
G-528 DB2 Version 10 Differences 4
G-527 DB2: Greatest Hits 3
G-525 DB2 Version 7 to Version 9 Transition 5
G-540 SQL Query Building in DB2 2
G-550 SQL Coding Workshop 3
G-551 DB2 Operations 3
G-555 Advanced SQL Query Building 2
G-560 DB2 Application Programming 5
G-562 Advanced DB2 Application Programming 10
G-563 DB2 Dynamic SQL 1
G-564 DB2 Stored Procedures 2
G-565 QMF For Programmers 3
G-566 QMF for SQL Developers 2
G-570 DB2 Data Base Administration 5
G-574 DB2 / CICS Interface 2
G-580 DB2 Tuning and Performance 5
Language Environment, InterLanguage Communication, DLLs
M-512 Using LE Services in z/OS 3
M-520 Cross Program Communication in z/OS 3
M-525 Creating and Using DLLs in z/OS 1
M-735 z/OS Debug Tool for Multi-Language Applications 2
C and C++
N-610 Structured C Coding Workshop 5
N-735 z/OS Debug Tool for XL C/C++ 2
z/OS UNIX System Services
U-510 Introduction to z/OS UNIX 3
U-515 Shell Script Programming in z/OS UNIX 3
U-518 You and z/OS and the World Wide Web 5
U-520 Developing Applications for z/OS UNIX 3
UC01 Introduction to CGIs on z/OS  1
UC04 Writing z/OS CGIs in COBOL 2
UC06 Writing z/OS CGIs in Assembler 2
X-110 CICS Application Programming 5


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