Course Description

DB2 Application Programming

Course Code: G-560
Recommended Duration: 5 Days


Students who complete this course will be able to code SQL statements to access DB2 objects, both using SPUFI under DB2I, and from within application programs (in the student's standard host environment - CICS, IMS/DB/DC, TSO, or batch). The student also learns how to establish the appropriate execution environment for programs that reference DB2 Data Bases.


COBOL, PL/I, C, or assembler programmers who need to work with DB2 Databases, both from a DB2I perspective, and from within application programs.


Experience in designing and coding application programs in COBOL, PL/I, C, or assembler in the application environment (CICS, IMS/DB/DC, TSO, or batch) in which DB2 will be used.

Related IBM Materials

This course is drawn from these IBM manuals; access to them in the classroom is desirable but not required:

DB2 Application Programming and SQL Guide (current version)
DB2 SQL Reference (current version)


Major Topics Include



There are 13 machine exercises, and one optional machine exercise.


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