Course Description

Advanced Topics in COBOL

Course Code: D-725
Recommended Duration: 3 Days


Students who complete this course will be able to code mainline programs and subroutines, passing arguments and receiving parameters, including nested programs, exernal subroutines, and static and dynamic linkages.

In addition, the student will gain theory and practice in building and working with tables and variable length records using subscripts and indexes, and with using the string handling capabilities of COBOL.


Experienced COBOL programmers who need to maintain or create programs that use subroutine linkages, work with tables, or use string handling facilities; beginning COBOL programmers in an intensive training program.


The student should have a good background in coding basic COBOL programs, such as might be obtained in successfully completing D-715, "Structured COBOL Workshop for Enterprise COBOL".

Related IBM Materials

This course is drawn from these and other IBM manuals; access to these publications in the classroom is desirable but not required:

SC27-1408 - COBOL Language Reference
SC27-1412 - COBOL Programming Guide

Major Topics Include



There are 11 hands-on exercises.







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