Course Description

Advanced Topics in z/OS JCL

Course Code: B-620
Recommended Duration: 3 Days


Students who complete this course will be able to code JCL to run test and production batch jobs, use some common batch utility programs, and use a Sort / Merge program product, including using symbolic names; debug many JCL errors; set up JCL for restart; use some JES2 or JES3 control statements.


Experienced programmers, operators, analysts, support staff and users who need to know how to code JCL to run jobs in a z/OS environment. Anyone who needs to work with procedures, handle JCL errors, and design / code JCL to deal with multi-volume data sets, restart, SMS data sets, or HFS files.


A working understanding of JCL.

Related IBM Materials

This course is drawn from these and other IBM manuals; access to these publications in the classroom is desirable but not required:

SA22-7597 - JCL Reference
SC33-4035 - DFSORT (may substitute if not using the IBM Sort/Merge product)
SC26-7414 - Utilities
SC26-7394 - Access Method Services
SA22-7637 - Messages, Volume 7
SC26-7401 - Checkpoint / Restart

Major Topics Include



There are five standard exercises and two optional exercises, all hands-on.


Special note:

This course includes large portions of course B-610 (z/OS JCL and Utilities), usually in a deeper exploration, plus material not covered in that course.


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