Courses we teach: JCL, Utilities, SORT

z/OS JCL and Utilities - 3 days
Advanced Topics in z/OS JCL - 3 days
ISPF and JCL on z/OS - 5 days
Using DFSORT and ICETOOL - 4 days


JCL (Job Control Language) is the way programmers, operators, and users communicate with the z/OS operating system, to describe programs to be run in batch, and the data sets (files) each program will need for the current run.

JCL is a rich facility: you can prewrite a group of JCL statements, called procedures, and invoke these procedures in a variety of ways, even changing data set names and parameters on the fly. You can set up jobs to make it easier to rerun all or parts of a job, in case of a program, operating system, or machine failure.

Utilities are prewritten programs that come with the operating system to accomplish common tasks that have to be done many times and many ways (for example, copying files, sorting files, creating and deleting files, and so on). These include the Sort / Merge utility as well as IDCAMS (used for VSAM files).

The z/OS JCL and Utilities course is intended as an introduction to JCL, but also an introduction to z/OS concepts and terms. Even though this is an introductory course, it is rich and thorough.

Advance Topics in z/OS JCL includes a rapid review of most of what is covered in the first course along with a deeper look at many facilities (here is where restarts are discussed, as well as JCL debugging, working with z/OS UNIX files, and several advanced capabilities of the Sort).

ISPF and JCL on z/OS combines "TSO/ISPF in z/OS" and "z/OS JCL and Utilities", dropping some duplication and some topics to fit into a five day package.

Using DFSORT and ICETOOL is a course specifically designed to explore all the intricacies of the IBM sort product.


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