Course Description

z/OS JCL and Utilities

Course Code: B-610
Recommended Duration: 3 Days


Students who complete this course will be able to code JCL to run test and production batch jobs, use some common batch utility programs, and use a Sort / Merge program product.


Programmers, operators, analysts, support staff and users who need to know how to code JCL to run jobs in a z/OS environment. Anyone who needs to gain a basic understanding of the structure and workflow in z/OS.


A basic understanding of computer concepts. Although a programming background is not required, people with such a background will generally get the most out of this course. Familiarity with the ISPF editor (or other editor used to create and submit JCL).

Related IBM Materials

This course is drawn from these and other IBM manuals; access to these publications in the classroom is desirable but not required:

SA22-7597 - JCL Reference
SC33-4035 - DFSORT (may substitute if not using the IBM Sort/Merge product)
SC26-7414 - Utilities

Major Topics Include



There are 13 hands-on exercises.



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