Course Description

z/OS Assembler Programming Part 4: z/Architecture and z/OS

Course Code: C-500
Recommended Duration: 4 Days


Students who complete this course will be able to write or maintain Assembler programs that use hardware instructions introduced with z/Architecture and related techniques introduced with z/OS.


Experienced Assembler programmers needing to update their knowledge to include hardware and Assembler instructions and techniques that have become available with z/Architecture and z/OS. Systems programmers may also benefit from this course as a first exposure to the System z hardware and z/OS software.


Experience writing or maintaining Assembler applications; knowledge of predecessor capabilities such as covered in course z/OS Assembler Programming Part 3: Update

Related IBM Materials

This course is drawn largely from this IBM manual; access to it in the classroom is recommended but not required:

SA22-7832 - z/Architecture Principles of Operation

Major Topics Include



There are eight hands-on exercises; five of them demonstrate using Assembler to generate HTML files from EBCDIC, ASCII, or Unicode inputs.



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