Course Description

Advanced Topics in PL/I

Course Code: E-720
Recommended Duration: 5 Days


The student will learn how to use PL/I language features for variable length records, subroutines, storage control, string handling and the preprocessor, as well as how to use the Linkage Editor / Binder for development and maintenance. Students will also learn how to place data above the 16MB line.


Experienced PL/I programmers who need to use the more advanced features of the IBM Enterprise PL/I compiler in the z/OS environment.


At the very least, the student entering this course should be knowledgable of the fundamental language elements of PL/I, be able to code and implement an application in PL/I, be comfortable with the text editor you use, and be able to code JCL to run batch jobs.

Related IBM Materials

PL/I Language Reference for the compiler used
PL/I Programming Guide for the compiler used


Major Topics Include



There are thirteen machine exercises.




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