Course Description

Structured C Coding Workshop

Course Code: N-610
Recommended Duration: 5 Days


The student learns the basic structure and syntax of the C language as well as the most common verbs, and the high-use library functions.


New programmers learning C as their first programming language; experienced programmers learning C as a new language, or reviewing C after having been away from it.


The student should have some basic understanding of computer and programming concepts. Also, he or she should know how to use the text editor used in your installation. Knowledge of JCL is not required.

Related IBM Materials

In addition to the student handouts, the student should have access to the following IBM manuals:

C/C++ Language Reference for the compiler in use
C/C++ User's Guide for the compiler in use

Major Topics Include



There are 14 hands-on exercises.



This course is oriented towards C programming on an IBM mainframe (z/OS) computer.


Course Objectives
Topical Outline
C and C++ Curriculum
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