Courses we teach: C

Structured C Coding Workshop - 5 days
z/OS Debug Tool for XL C/C++ - 2 days


C has become one of the fastest growing application programming languages available today. C came from the Unix world and is now finding a solid foothold in the IBM mainframe world.

Many shops have added C to their list of supported applications development languages because it is [relatively] portable to other platforms and many new-hires already are familiar with the C language.

Our C courses support several stages of C knowledge. Structured C Coding Workshop is designed from the ground up as an z/OS-based C course. The emphasis is on mainframe types of file processing and linkages; we support the packed decimal data type and discuss how to build new applications using C in the z/OS environment.


Note that our DB2, CICS, LE, and Advanced TSO courses all allow the student to work their labs in C.

Note that all current C compilers for z/OS need to have a product called Language Environment (LE) available for run-time support. LE is available on MVS, OS/390, z/OS, VSE, VM, OS/400, and in a limited degree on OS/2.

We provide training on Language Environment topics as well as on the supported languages


The following courses are multi-lingual and the labs may be run in C if the student prefers:

Introduction to TSO and REXX APIs
DB2 Application Coding
DB2 Stored Procedures
Using LE Services in z/OS
Cross Program Communication in z/OS
Creating and Using DLLs in z/OS
Developing Applications for z/OS UNIX


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