Courses we teach: Debugging

z/OS Assembler Programming Part 2: Interfaces - 3 days, includes debugging / dump reading

Enterprise COBOL Debugging & Maintenance - 2 days
z/OS Debug Tool for Enterprise COBOL - 2 days

Enterprise PL/I Debugging and Maintenance - 2 days
z/OS Debug Tool for Enterprise PL/I - 2 days

z/OS Debug Tool for Muti-Language Applications - 2 days
z/OS Debug Tool for XL C/C++ - 2 days


Debugging is an art most programmers practice regularly. Yet there are a lot of skills that are difficult to acquire without a mentor or some formal training. These courses appear in other curricula in our site, but we have gathered them here for you to have a single place of information.

In addition to finding and solving program "bugs", debugging techniques can also be useful for improving programs functionality or performance.

The other half of "Debugging" is often "Maintenance": fixing a bug and then integrating the fix into an application use pretty much the same skills used in adding new features to a program; in particular, editing the code that contains the fix, compiling the resulting program, and then binding the resulting program into a load module or program object. The courses that include "Maintenance" in their title also include one or more lectures on using the Program Binder (previously the Linkage Editor).


Note that current IBM C, COBOL, and PL/I compilers need to have a component called Language Environment (LE) available for run-time support.

We provide training on Language Environment topics as well as on the supported languages


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