Courses we teach: z/OS UNIX and the Web

Introduction to z/OS UNIX - 3 days
Shell Script Programming in z/OS UNIX - 3 days
Developing Applications for z/OS UNIX - 3 days
You and z/OS and the World Wide Web - 5 days
Introduction to CGIs on z/OS - 1 day
Writing z/OS CGIs in COBOL - 2 days
Writing z/OS CGIs in Assembler - 2 days


z/OS is IBM's premier 64-bit operating system for the mainframe. IBM has supported a UNIX-like environment on the mainframe for almost two decades (under MVS, OS/390, and now z/OS). Originally called Open Edition, this UNIX-like environment is now called UNIX System Services (and the official shorthand is "z/OS UNIX").

It is UNIX System Services that allows the mainframe to support UNIX applications, especially Web applications, on the mainframe.

Our UNIX courses are all about UNIX on the mainframe.

But the Web integrates many platforms and uses many technologies. For an overview, look at "How the Web Works". Our Web-oriented training provides training for the pieces involved with running Web-based applications:


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