Writing z/OS CGIs in Assembler - Topical Outline

General Program Structure and Techniques

General program structure

Redirect using printf

Redirect using bpx1wrt

Watching for errors

Deploying your CGI

Computer Exercise: Setting up for labs

Basic Processing

Emitting Headers

Emitting HTML

Accessing environment variables

Displaying environment variables

Stylesheets and CGIs

Computer Exercise: Writing out HTML pages

Handling GET Requests

Some scenarios

Parsing QUERY_STRING content

Decoding QUERY_STRING content

Computer Exercise: Handling incoming data

The Data Connection - Part I: The Story

Working With Data on the Server

The Data Connection - Part II: Working With VSAM Data

Working with VSAM files

Computer Exercise: Working with VSAM data

The Data Connection - Part III: Working With DB2 Data

Working with DB2 data

Computer Exercise: Working wth DB2 Data (optional)

Hidden Controls and cookies

Session continuity

Hidden controls


Modifying the previous CGI [to emit data]

Designing the invoked CGI [to catch data]

Coding the invoked CGI [to catch data]

Computer Exercise: The Persistence of Memory

POST Requests

Finding needed storage size

Allocating storage

The CGIGETBF Routine

Reading from stdin

Breaking Apart Headers and Data

Our Sample POST CGI Logic


Computer Exercise: Handling POST Processing

Handling Files Sent by POST

File Handling

Computer Exercise: Saving and Linking to Files

Working With Unicode Data

The Role of Unicode

CGIs and Unicode

Computer Exercise: Working With Unicode

Submitting jobs from a CGI

Set up


Computer Exercise: Submitting a job (optional)


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