You and z/OS and the World Wide Web - Topical Outline

Day One

Introduction to the Web

The Web - Basic Concept

The Web and HTTP

Computer Exercise: Setting up for the labs

Introduction to Markup Languages


HTML - An Introduction

XHTML - What is it?

HTML 5 and Browsers

HTML - An Introduction

The HTML, HEAD, META and TITLE elements

Other sub-elements within the HEAD element

HTML on z/OS

Computer Exercise: HTML and Unicode

Text Markup Elements

Element types in the body of an HTML document

Events and scripts

The BODY element

The Paragraph element (P)

The Headings elements (H1 - H6)

The Line Break element (BR)

Pre-formatted text: the PRE element

Computer Exercise: Using Block markup

Links and Anchors

Introduction to Hypertext

Destination Anchors


External resource links

The A element

Link types - the Rel Attribute

The Accesskey Attribute

The Target Attribute

The Media Attribute

MIME types

The LINK element

Computer Exercise: Using Links and Access Keys

Basics of HTML Style

Inline style elements (B, EM, I, MARK, S, SMALL, STRING, SUB, SUP, U)

The STYLE attribute

The STYLE element

External Style sheets

Style precedence

Grouping elements: the DIV element

Grouping text: the SPAN element

Quotations: BLOCKQUOTE and Q

Breaking up a page: the HR element

A digression: Lining Up Text

Style Sheets on z/OS

Computer Exercise: Getting some style

Day Two

Introduction to Style Sheets

Style sheets

Style properties

Cascading Style Sheets

Style Sheets on z/OS

Computer Exercise: Using Style Sheets


Kinds of lists

List bounds: OL, UL, and DL elements

List content: LI, DT, DD elements

Lists: example

Computer Exercise: Displaying lists

Images and maps

Included items

The Image element (IMG)

Client-side maps

The MAP element

The AREA element

Areas and coordinates

Applications of maps

Maps with block content

Computer Exercise: Images and maps


Introduction - A little background

The EMBED element

OBJECTs - Rationale


HTML OBJECTs - Principles

The OBJECT element

The PARAM element

Embedding object examples: a PDF document, another HTML page, an image, a Java applet

Nested objects


Objects: design and copyright issues

Computer Exercise: Embedding objects

The AUDIO and VIDEO elements - Optional section

Multimedia - Background

Economic factors

Technical factors

The AUDIO element

The VIDEO element

Further explorations of media elements

Further resources for media elements

Computer Exercise: Audio and Video

Day Three

Introduction to Client-side scripting


DOM - the Document Object Model

Scripting - Basics

Computer exercise: Basic Scripting

DOM and Scripting

DOM - A Sample Document

Using DOM to reference Nodes

The Window Object

Computer Exercise: Extend the Basic Scripting

More on scripts

The if statement


The for statement

HTMLDocuments: additional properties and methods

Adding and deleting nodes

The SCRIPT element


Remote scripts

Computer Exercise: Expanding / Collapsing List

Miscellaneous Scripting Topics

The document.write() construct

Page re-direction

Testing for browser capabilities

The NOSCRIPT element

Computer Exercise: Using document.write()

Forms and INPUT controls

Introduction to Forms and Controls

The FORM element

The INPUT element (type: text, password, checkbox, radio, file, hidden, submit, reset, image, button)

Successful controls

Submit processing

Computer Exercise: Forms and INPUT controls

Those Other Controls

The BUTTON element

List boxes (SELECT, OPTION, OPTGROUP elements)

The LABEL element

DOM attributes and methods for SELECT elements

The TEXTAREA element and DOM methods for TEXTAREA

The FIELDSET and LEGEND elements

Computer Exercise: Nobel Prize Application

Day Four

A delightful Exploration of Various Topics

The meaning of "focus"

Tabbing and tabindex

Controls without forms

Design issues


The Stateless Web

Storing State Information

Cookie formats

Working with cookies

Cookies: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Cookies and your Server

Computer Exercise: Using cookies

Introduction to Tables

Table terms

The TABLE element

The CAPTION element

The TR element

The TH and TD elements

Using Header information

Building a table

Computer Exercise: Enhancing a Table

Structuring Tables

Grouping rows

The THEAD and TFOOT elements

The TBODY element

Grouping columns

The COL element

The COLGROUP element

Grouping columns - notes

Calculating column widths

Computer Exercise: Structuring a Table

Day Five

Scripting with Tables

DOM methods for Table-related elements

Scripting ideas for tables

Highlighting the contents of some cells

The switch statement

The break statement

Adding a column to a table dynamically

Computer Exercise: Updating a table dynamically

Inline Frames

The IFRAME element

The IFRAME Element - examples

Computer Exercise: A page using inline frames

Loose ends

Accessing programs without forms

Hiding pages - robots.txt

The favicon file

Validation of HTML pages


Design for any browser

Design thoughts

HTML Next - a peek at the future

Additional Studies


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