Advanced ISPF in z/OS - Topical Outline

Advanced ISPF - Introduction

Course overview

ISPF status area

ISPF appointment calendar

ISPF SAREA command

Computer Exercise: Working with the status area

ISPF Commands

Command nesting

The START command

The ISPFVAR command

Cursor related commands

The NRETRIEV command

Computer Exercise: Working with commands

A Deeper Look at DSLIST

Option 3.4: Data Set List Does It All


Data Set List example

Member List example

Running commands on entries in the data set list

DSLIST primary commands: Append, Member, Srchfor, Save

Member List example

Member list commands, including FILTER

Computer Exercise: Using DSLIST Commands

The Edit COMPARE command


The Search and Compare Dialogs (3.12, 3.13, 3.14, 3.15)


Options and Process Statements


Computer Exercise: Compare and Search Dialogs

Browse enhancements

The DISPLAY command

FIND command under Browse

Working with ASCII data in Edit and View

Computer Exercise: Browsing non-EBCDIC data

An Introduction to Edit Macros

Edit Macros - What Are They?

Programming edit macros

Running edit macros

Passing parameters

The Initial macro

Computer Exercise: Two Edit Macros


The DDLIST Facility

Find a Member

Other Uses

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