TSO/ISPF on z/OS - Topical Outline

Day One

Using Mainframe Computers - An Overview

Mainframes and Applications

Hardware and Software

Programs and Data

ISPF Introduction


Keyboard Notes

The Logon Process

ISPF/PDF Primary Option Menu

Standard Panel Format

CUA Panel Formats

Running in GUI Mode

Using Action Bars

Getting Around in ISPF

Leaving ISPF

Computer Exercise: A First Encounter with ISPF / PDF

ISPF Look and Feel

The Settings Panel

LIST and LOG Data Sets

Function Keys Settings

Working With Keylists

Color, Intensity, and Highlighting

Look and Feel: Options

Look and Feel: Status

Computer Exercise: Changing the Look and Feel of ISPF

Working With Data

Files and Data Sets

Data Set Organizations

Data Set Naming

Locating Data Sets

Data Set Properties

SMS - Storage Management Subsystem

Finding a Data Set's Properties

Computer Exercise: Finding a Data Set's Properties

Allocating Data Sets

Reserving Space

Allocating a Data Set Using ISPF

Computer Exercise: Allocating New Data Sets

Day Two

Looking at Data - Edit, View, and Browse

Edit, View, and Browse

Member Selection Lists

Some View / Edit Commands

Computer Exercise: Introduction to 'View'

More on Edit, View, and Help

More Edit / View Commands

String types


Computer Exercise: More Edit and View, and Help

More Utility Functions

Move / Copy

Deleting a Data Set

Renaming a Data Set

The Library Utility

Sorting Member Lists

Computer Exercise: Utility Functions

Productivity Tips and Techniques

Quick Advance and Jump Functions

Split Screen

Command Stacking

CMDE Command

Retrieving Commands

Computer Exercise: Great Tricks


Sequence numbers


Line Commands: COLS, I, D, R, M, C, A, B, X, F, S, L, LC, UC, (, ), >, <

Computer Exercise: Working With EDIT

Edit and View Primary Commands






Computer Exercise: More Work With EDIT

Day Three

More on Edit / View


LOCATE - Edit / View Primary Command

Line Commands: O, TS

EDIT - Under - EDIT

SORT - Edit / View Primary Command

Computer Exercise: Sorts and Copies in Edit

Edit / View - Passing and Receiving Data

CREATE, REPLACE, COPY, MOVE edit primary commands

CUT and PASTE edit primary commands

EDITSET (EDSET) edit primary commands

Computer Exercise: Copy, cut, and Paste in Edit

Reference Lists

Reference Lists

Computer Exercise: Reference Lists

Edit Profiles

Profile options

Bounds, Mask, Tabs lines

Edit Action Bar Choices

Language-sensitive Color Editing

Recent edit / view line commands: AK, BK, OK, HX

Computer Exercise: Using Tabs and other Profile Characteristics

Data Set List Utility and Commands

Option 3.4: Data Set List Does It All


Computer Exercise: DSLIST and Commands

The ISPF Object / Action Workplace Shell

Action / Object versus Object / Action

The Workplace

Running Batch Jobs

SUBMIT - Edit / View / Browse Primary Command

ISPF 3.8





Computer Exercise: Running A Job

PDSEs and VSAM Support

PDSE - Partitioned Data Set Extended

VSAM - The Virtual Storage Access Method

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