z/OS JCL and Utilities - Topical Outline

Day One

The Application program environment

MVS - Multiple Virtual Storages

The Road to z/OS

z/OS Workflow

JES - the Job Entry Subsystem

JCL statement syntax

JOB, EXEC Statements

Computer Exercise: OSWTO

JCL Clues - 1

Running jobs

The Work Load Manager (WLM)

The SCHENV parameter

Submitting Jobs under ISPF/PDF

SUBMIT Edit - Browse - View Primary Command

Monitoring Jobs and Examining Job Output Using ISPF Option 3.8

Computer Exercise: Running a Job

Introduction to Data Management

Data Management Terms

SYSIN-type data and SYSOUT-type data

Computer Exercise: SYSIN And SYSOUT Files

JCL Clues - 2

Tape and Disk Data Sets

Tape and Disk Data Sets

Tape layout

DASD Concepts

Data Set Naming Rules

Units, Volumes, Catalogs

Tape and DASD DD Statements

Building Tape and DASD DD statements

Sample DD Statements

Data Flow Diagrams

Computer Exercise: JOB Using Tape And Disk Data Sets

JCL Clues - 3

Day Two

SMS - System Managed Storage



Output DD Statements With SMS

Looking at Job output

Other DD techniques and parameters

Temporary data sets and DUMMY files


Computer Exercise: NEWF2F

Utilities and Job Output Viewing


SDSF, Flasher, IOF, (E)JES

Computer Exercise: Utilities

Sort / Merge

JCL Requirements

Control Statements

Computer Exercise: SORT

OUTPUT Statements

Computer Exercise: OUTPUT Statements

Day Three

Condition Code Testing and Memory Management

REGION parameter

MEMLIMIT parameter

IF / THEN / ELSE / ENDIF statements

JOBRC parameter

Computer Exercise: Conditional Processing

JCL Procedures

Cataloged Procedures

JCLLIB statement

Computer Exercise: A Cataloged Procedure

JCL Procedures: Inserts and Overrides

Procedures and Inserts

Procedures and Overrides

Computer Exercise: Inserts and Overrides

JCL Procedures and Symbolic Parameters

Symbolic Parameters


Computer Exercise: A Procedure With Symbolic Parameters


The SET Statement

The INCLUDE statement

Computer Exercise: Using Nested Procedures and INCLUDEs

Additional Data Set Handling Techniques

Generation Data Groups

PDSE - Partitioned Data Set, Extended

TSO Commands


Sources of information

IBM publications

IBM Web-based information

Book manager

Quick Reference

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