DB2 Version 10 Differences - Topical Outline


The Big picture

Migration basis

Migration process

What's deprecated

What's gone


The Course Database

Computer Exercise: Course setup

SQL Changes – 1

Native SQL procedures language enhancements

SQL scalar functions

SQL table functions

Computer Exercise: SQL Changes - Round 1

SQL changes - 2

Implicit casting

Datetime constants

Variable precision timestamps

Timestamps with time zones

OLAP enhancements

OLAP-related Functions

OLAP Windows

Moving sums and averages

Computer Exercise: SQL Changes - Round 2

Programming Environment Changes - 1

Temporal Tables and Versioning

System-period tables

Application-period tables

Bi-temporal tables

Access plan stability enhancements

Extended indicator variables

Universal language interface - DSNULI

Computer Exercise: Programming Environment Changes - 1

Programming Environment Changes - 2

Package Last Used Information

Concurrent access resolution

EXPLAIN table changes

Hash access

Inline LOBs

Computer Exercise: Programming Environment Changes - 2

Data Base Administration Enhancements - 1

Security changes

New authorities and privileges - SECADM, DATAACCESS,



Row and column access control

System defined routines

Policy-based auditing

Computer Exercise: Data Base Administration - 1

Data Base Administration Enhancements - 2

Online schema changes

Catalog table space changes

Partition rotation

Miscellaneous improvements

Non-key columns in indexes

Compress on INSERT

Work file database enhancements

Administrative tool enhancements

Administrative task scheduler

Computer Exercise: Data Base Administration - 2

Data Base Administration Enhancements - 3

XML features from Version 9

XMLTABLE function

XMLCAST function

XML index enhancements

XPATH enhancements

Type modifiers and XML schema validation

Document versioning

Partial updating

XML date and time


XML Data Type in SQL Procedures

DEFINE NO for LOB and XML table spaces

Binary XML

Computer Exercise: Working with XML Data

Utility Enhancements

FlashCopy enhancements


RUNSTATS profiles

Autonomic statistics

RECOVER enhancements

REORG enhancements

LOAD / UNLOAD with spanned records

DB2 Sort

Computer Exercise: Utility Features

Miscellaneous changes

Autonomic checkpoint

Command enhancements

Catalog table changes

Data sharing changes

Performance enhancements

DDF connectivity

zAAP and zIIP enhancements

Optional Computer Exercise: Odds and Ends


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