VSAM With Access Method Services - Course Objectives

On successful completion of this course, the student, with the aid of the appropriate reference materials, should be able to:

  1. Create and delete VSAM data sets, using Access Method Services (AMS)
  2. Load VSAM data sets, using AMS REPRO
  3. Use the AMS PRINT command to list all or parts of a VSAM data set, and the AMS LISTCAT command to list all or part of a VSAM catalog
  4. Create and use VSAM alternate indexes and paths
  5. Estimate the space required to hold a VSAM data set
  6. Maintain data sets using the AMS commands REPRO, EXPORT, IMPORT, VERIFY, ALTER, and EXAMINE
  7. Create and use Reusable data sets
  8. Know where to look for clues to tune performance of VSAM data sets, and know which parameters to work with for such tuning
  9. Be aware of certain advanced features such as Extended Format KSDS, Record Level Sharing (RLS), recoverable spheres, and the LOG and BWO options, all of which are only available when using SMS.


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